“From building patios in Worthington to landscaping in Dublin, the Columbus area is my backyard and I'm passionate about making it beautiful.”

Sean Stauffer, President

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Sean is an old-school artist. He’s the kind of guy that’ll draw designs by hand,
look you in the eye, and stay true to his word.

That’s a pretty rare breed these days, and it’s what makes Natural Grove a distinctively dependable company.

With Sean, you’ll get someone who shoots straight and talks your language. You won’t get some corporate stuffy type or some slick-talking salesman – you’ll get a guy that knows what he’s talking about, who treats you with some old-fashioned respect. Sean believes that the simple things still matter in business – things like treating people right, putting in a hard day’s work, and spending time with your family.

Working in the landscaping industry for the past 20+ years, Sean’s passion for the landscaping and patio industry is matched by his knowledge, creativity and experience. Spend some time with Sean and you’ll quickly realize that you can trust him to deliver your project on time and above-expectation.

It may seem odd to call a landscape and patio guy an artist, but talk to Sean for five minutes and you’ll know that’s the only way to describe him.